Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Planning and Some Thoughts

Planning for a lengthy road trip is proving to involve more than I first thought it would.  It's one thing to say, "let's go" but quite another to actually sit down with pad and pencil in hand and do a proper itinerary.

Though the Internet is a huge help in obtaining many pieces of information, nothing beats getting one's hands on actual printed materials.  Namely REAL maps and travel books.  Thank goodness for the CAA and their wonderful selection of detailed maps, not to mention their "TripTik" planner.  The "TripTik" by the way will be phased out in November of this year.  Another casualty of our digital age.

The more I read about the old "Route 66" the more it intrigues me.  Having grown up reading the likes of John Steinbeck and seeing those wonderfully powerful Dorothea Lange Depression-era photographs, the more I've wanted to experience for myself this famous "Mother Road" of dreams.

It's interesting, when we think about it, as to how much we are influenced by certain people.  I'm not talking about media celebrities but rather about those who have created profound and influential pieces of work.  The media spotlight hounds might influence our short-term thinking (I know I have been influenced from time to time) but it's those individuals who have produced, and continue to produce serious thought-provoking ideas through their writings, photography and works of art, that in the long run really have a lasting effect on us.

When reflecting upon my own career I realize that the likes of Steinbeck, Lange, Eddie Adams, Bernie Boston, Robert Capa, Margaret Bourke-White and Farley Mowat, to name just a few, are the individuals who's works were inspirational in pushing me towards my own career.

One of the mistakes, at least in my opinion, which can be made when planning such a trip, is to over plan.  Yes, too much of anything can be a bad thing and over-planning can result in the trip being too rigid.

Got my maps, done my reading now it's time to stop overthinking the trip as I realize that my best work and pleasure will come from spontaneity.

Let's throw caution, only to a point, to the wind and explore and discover.

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