Saturday, 11 June 2016

Into the Valley of Death Rode the Brave 600

OK, so maybe it isn’t the Crimean War or Balaclava and I don’t have to contend with Russian cannon fire but the desert of the American Southwest isn’t far from it.

This time of year the desert comes alive for a short period of time before slipping into its deceptive self.

Don't try and pick these buds or you will get more than you bargained for.

Shortly the greenery and flowers will be gone.

As usual, I tried to stay off the interstates and while taking the above shot, on a very dusty road just west of Glenrio, NM a car pulled up and out popped a Tig.  No, not Tigger from Winnie the Pooh but from Hartlepool, England.  I thought I was a long way from home.

Now, Tig it seems is the very adventurist type and with a month on his hands has decided to try and see all those famous locations that foreign tourist hear about.  Pulling out his list Tig proceeded to name them off.  The birthplace's and hideouts of "Billy The Kid",  John Dillinger (I had to point out that Dillinger came from  Illinois) "Buffalo Bill" "Wyatt Earp".  The list went on and on.  I'm sure that if someone hung a single that read General Custer fought here Tig would head for it.  

When I met Tig he had already put on 3000 miles and still had most of the month left.  Very chatty and funny guy.  Oh, he had heard that somewhere in Texas was a town called "Monkey Hanger" and was determined to locate it.  Google Monkey Hanger/Hartlepool and you'll understand.  Well sort of.  

 The "Tig" looking for Monkey Hanger.

 Alone with just a sliver of light under the door, Glenrio, NM

Took a quick revisit to Cuervo, NM.  Cuervo is one of those places that has been locked in time and can be revisited again and again.

 Too often we only look into the ruins and don't try to see what the owners must have seen.

a relic of Cuervo
Time to move on.


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