Monday, 13 June 2016

The final push

Having spent more time than intended in Picher, OK, I linked up with the I-35 and headed for Des Moines, Iowa then onto Illinois, Michigan and back home.

This last stretch is 1235 miles (1987 kilometers) and would take me through Kansas and Iowa, notorious tornado country.

A lot of the scenery is similar to Ontario and made for a pleasant, though long, drive.  As I passed through Kansas the weather was becoming very ominous and I was aware that this was potentially tornado season.  This became apparent as I moved past Kansas City and on to Des Moines, Iowa,  Very quickly there was a  rapid drop in temperature and the sky turned a mustard-green.  The radio was full of warnings to be vigilant.

Cleared Kansas without any problems but as I was crossing Iowa I came across strange weather.  One moment the sun was shining on wheat fields and minutes later the complete reverse was happening.  Deciding that perhaps it was time to stop taking photos and get on the move turned out to be a good plan as day turned to night and the rain came down in a deluge.  In my rearview mirror, I could see the formation of not one but two funnel clouds.  Fortunately, nothing materialized fully but I wasn't going to wait around to witness natures anger.

Iowa farm field with approaching storm
Within moments things turned to this.

Then the rain came.
After Iowa, the final push to the border and home was quickly approaching.  What started out looking to be a very long and tiring day, over 600 miles, ended up being a relatively easy drive.

Epilogue to follow....

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