Thursday, 9 July 2015

Finally some sun.

The day the rain stopped.

Is there another season other than rain in this neck of the woods?  It wasn’t just raining in Tulsa this morning, it was teeming.  To add to things Zeus got into the act and was heaving lighting bolts like crazy.

The rain was coming so hard that I was delayed getting on the road until 11 am.  The Weather Channel predicted that things were showing promise further west.  So west I go.

At Sapulpa, Oklahoma R66 branches off and becomes the Old Road 66, remember those two road signs further back. The iron bridge is a good example of a bygone era.  Guess many a truck got stuck, thus the warning bar.

Further on I came across what was at one time no doubt the local passion pit, as the drive-ins were referred to in Quebec.  Contemplated waiting to see if what they were showing this evening was any good but had seconds thoughts.

Must have been a lot of drivers who were too tall for the bridge
Was going to wait to see what was showing but changed my mind
Came across a graveyard near Bristow, not sure why the headstone was weighted down.  Wonder if it helps to help keep the bodies in the ground.  Your guess. 

Why are the markers weighted down?

Stroud Oklahoma had several wall murals from a time long gone and many deserted businesses.  The thing that I have noticed from town to town is the width of their main streets.  Very wide and void of traffic and people.
No one stops anymore
Well kept but empty

In Warwick Gerry Tims is a co-owner of the Seaba Station.  A unique collection of motorcycles.  Including the bikes used in Captain America.   
Gerry Tims co-owner
Captain American Bikes

Seaba Station, Warwick, OK

Leaving Warwick I came across another fine relic of the good-old-days of Route 66.  Interesting, thought the lawn badly needs cutting and weeding plus the porch is badly in need of repair, there's a satellite TV dish on the roof.  Some people sure have strange priorities.

Just love the TV satellite dish out back

Currently in Clinton, Oklahoma where the sun was shining as I drove in.  Tomorrow I'll cross into Texas but not before I've prowled the towns of Route 66 between here and the state line.

More to come...

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