Monday, 6 July 2015

On The Road Day 1

 The Beginning

Well, contrary to what some people had thought, I arrived at my motel in Springfield, IL shortly before 6 pm.  Surprisingly the traffic, compared to what is on the 401, was really light.  Other than a few areas, under construction, nothing major occurred unless you consider that US drivers have an aversion to using their signal turn-lights and think nothing of sitting in the passing lane going 55 mph on a 70 mph highway.  
Michigan's Welcoming Committee

Made the 742 miles on fewer than two tanks of gas.  My two fill-ups combined cost less than a single tank back home.

I was able to hook-up to Route 66 shortly after turning South onto I-55, just west of Gary Indiana.  You can still see parts of the original road, now with flowers growing out of it, right beside the newer (if you can call it that) road.  Both ran only yards from and parallel to I-55.  Route 66 took me through a hamlet called “Somebody” surprisingly it appears still to be a prosperous town.  A couple of the original buildings, two gas stations can be seen. One had been reconditioned the other not.  Tomorrow, south of Springfield I expect to find more serious examples of the decayed remnants of Route 66.

First Encounter

The Very Old and Old
The Old vs The New

More to come…..

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