Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Rain Rain Go Away

Talk about being washed out.  
It poured on and off all day.  Mostly on.

Seemed like every time I stepped out of the car it started to rain and stopped just as I got back in.  Not once did the sun peek through.   Made for a very grey and dreary day.

The only good thing was that I haven’t yet come to the section of Route 66 where I feel the most interesting parts start, everything West of Springfield, MO.   Unfortunately, the weather isn’t going to improve for another two days which will be Thursday. If tomorrow, Wednesday, is anything like today I will stay put and hunker down.  Without better weather, it’s not worth moving on.

When I came in Litchfield, IL was the first time that I saw the two different signs indicating that, through many places, Route 66 consisted of two different roads. 

Approximately ten years after the original road opened, it appears that the authorities realized the original route couldn’t handle the volume of traffic.  My guess is that the newer route was intended to allow traffic to move faster by avoiding having to crawl through the town.
In Litchfield Route 66 becomes two
Once was considered 1st class
The coffee has long since gone cold
Some things have been preserved

The trip from Springfield, IL to Springfield, MO went well until I hit the St. Louis transfer point. Getting through the outer corridors of St. Louis’, basket weave of a highway system, is a bit daunting. For the most part, the road signage is confusing and not at all clear to a tourist. Twice I was hesitant to trust my GPS and tried to go by the CAA Trip-Tic maps.   

Big mistake. Twice I got on the wrong interstate. Finally, I tossed the map aside and relied entirely on my GPS and got through.  
Which lane to take

Once through the outer portion of the highway system, things became clearer, especially since the lane numbers suddenly appeared painted right on the road indicating which lane to take. Keep in mind that at one point there were five different lanes and the overhead signs had all the same routes with the same route numbers.  Seems that some of the lanes actually merged further down the road but for the first time user it’s all very confusing.

Just arrived in Springfield, Missouri.

More to come…

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