Friday, 10 July 2015

Following The Route

Following the Yellow line can lead to nowhere

Trying to stay on the actual Route 66 sometimes take perseverance, luck and imagination.  Sometimes the R-66 signs are ten or more miles apart and with all the twists and turns, it’s easy to lose track of the actual road.   

One way that you know you’re on the old route is that they used concrete, today its asphalt.
No a sign in sight but it's concrete
Some of the old Route 66 towns still appear to have life in them, while others like Texola, Oklahoma are truly ghost towns.  I only say a few stray dogs. 

Downtown Texola
The Texola Gas Station & Garage. Still waiting for the customers to pick up their tractor

Other towns such as McLean, Texas still have a few inhabitants and a sense of humor.

McLean's Pink Gas Pumps and Truck
Finding the remains of Jericho, Texas was quite a job.  Though it appears on the road maps, that’s just the beginning.  Jericho didn’t’ show up on my GPS.  At least the Jericho I was looking for.  The one that did show up was over 25 miles south of the one I was looking for.   

Finally, I found a clue and headed off down the road.  The only problem was that the only sign with Jericho written on it was for the Jericho cemetery.  The road to the cemetery was questionable at best.  Figured I’d come this far, what the heck, it’s an adventure.  Sure enough about 300 yards along the dirt road there was Jericho, at least what is left of it.   

The last photos I had seen were taken in 2011 and the remains were nowhere near the condition I thought they would be in.  I doubt what’s left will still be standing in another few years.  Still very interesting.   

Wonder is it's still under warranty

At One Time it Drove the Occupants
The Seasons Are Harsh in Texas
At First Glance
View from the driveway
Amarillo, Texas. In the 1930”s this area was a flood of Dust Bowl migrants heading west with all their worldly goods tied to the top of their cars.  Seems things haven’t changed all that much. In the 30’s the migrants camped in shanty towns today they stop at the likes of Motel 6 and 8. 

Modern Day Migrants

Tomorrow crossing into New Mexico.

More to come…

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