Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Don't let the rain stop you

I woke in Springfield, Missouri to more rain and heavy overcast.  Immediately I flipped open my computer to get a better idea as to what the weather had in store for me further west.  According to the forecast, things looked about the same all the way to Oklahoma. Not a pleasant outlook. 

I Decided, what-the-heck, I could either sit in an equally depressing motel room or take my chances, hit the road, and try to make the most a gloomy day.

Choose the latter, glad I did.  

The rain persisted for most of the day but unlike yesterday I at least got the opportunity to shoot between the showers.  Sometimes I got caught out other times I was able to shoot and back in the car before the heavens opened.   Regardless I’m pleased with the results.

Met a couple of interesting persons in and around Avilla, MissouriEvelyn and Oliver.  Oliver raises chickens and has a cow in his backyard.  He was a bit elusive and at first reluctant to be photographed but after chatting for a while he came around.

Evelyn lived in what once was a unique and lovely Motel. She was just the opposite from Oliver, outgoing, chatty and only too happy to have her photo taken.  Her dream is to restore the old motel to its former glory.  Don't lose that dream girl.

Evelyn's Motel that once was and she hopes will be great again.

Galena and Baxter Springs have made a real attempt to restoration a lot of their small town. 
Hunting for a Deal in Galena
Baxter Springs
Avilla, on the other hand, hasn’t done much including leaving a dead dog on the main street. Oh well, to each their own.

One of Avilla's finer establishments
I followed the old road, as some of the road signs call it, between Miami, Kansas and Afton, Oklahoma.  Since the official Route 66 road signs are quite often absent for many miles sometimes one has to just guess which way to go.  On this particular stretch, the road its condition was the only clue I had.   

Though much was dirt there were large patches of broken or decaying asphalt that is all that is left of the original paved road.  Figured no one would have bothered to have paved just a country road so this must be R-66.  I was right. 

The Old Road

Some of the towns are sad with an air of sadness about them, while others still have a glimmer of life to them.  In their heyday life in these small communities must have been quite robust.

Onward tomorrow deeper into Oklahoma.

More to come…

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