Sunday, 12 July 2015

Staying True

It just isn’t there.   

The problem with trying to be faithful to keeping on Route 66 is that at just when you think you’ve figured the “mother road” out she slaps a road-end marker smack dab in the middle of your path.  Often what this means is going back the way you came or if you’re lucky there just might be an escape option.
Oh, Just Great! But at least there was a way out of this one.
Today was one of those days.  By now I’ve come to realize that finding and sticking to the original R66 is 60% luck and the willingness to be adventurous and improvise.  More times than not things just work out for the best.

Some of the best examples of what Route 66 once was can be found in New Mexico. In many of the other states the towns once serviced by the “mother road”,  are to some extent, still clinging to life.  Things are not quite the same in New Mexico.  A sad reality but to the same extent, this situation has resulted in the existence of some real ghost towns.  Getting to some of these relics means going down roads that haven’t seen a repair crew since 1955.  

A case in point are the towns, or what's left of,  Glenro, Endee, San Jon, Newkirk and Cuervo, all in New Mexico, and all worth the effort in finding.  Just be aware this is rattlesnake country and some are really big so watch out where you put your tripod.

A Village that was
No Longer Pumping Gas

Some just don't handle the weather well

 What use to be

Not everything along Route 66 is sad and decaying.  Some very beautiful sights are to behold, as are humorous ones. 
So much of the landscape is stunning when the sun it out. 
     Sunflowers in the desert

The Mother Road still supports daily life

More to come...

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